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The Collapse of American Hegemony: Country of Contradictions


Minggu, 10 April 2022, 14:09 WIB
The Collapse of American Hegemony: Country of Contradictions
WNI diaspora di Amerika Serikat, Jon Masli/Net
IT is interesting to see how people around the globe share a great concern about the American and NATO involvement in the Ukraine war whilst condemning the ruthless Russian invasion.

As a matter of fact, the resentment toward the American foreign policies continues to escalate and worsen. They are disappointed and crestfallen blaming the American government being the one orchestrating chaos and wars around the world for many decades, including the Ukraine war.

Not to mention  people often think of CIA being the devil that plays the dominant role in all these horrible wars. American image is thus badly painted. Unargueably USA is evil to many people's perception.

Yet in contradictory, there are still many people around the world that still want to live in America and believe that America is the land of opportunity. Strange and amazing to admit this phenomena though they also know that USA is one of the most expensive countries in the world and has high crime rates.

Even worse still that the number of homeless people are increasing significantly in the past 3 years especially in major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and Portland whereby nowadays crowded with homeless folks.

In less than a year following the Afghan War, when US troops left Afghanistan to the Talibans, hundreds of thousands of Afghans have been admitted and welcome to live in America as refugees in the humanitarian spirit. Now, thousands of Ukrainians are being processed as refugees to enter the USA, the so called "the country of contradictions ruled by the bad guys".

These bad images about America that People perceive, especially about its hegemony and super power supremacy of many decades since the fifties following the end of World War II, have angered many people around the world wishing to see that this Ukraine war will trigger the collapsa of USA.

In the recent weeks or so, we have seen Putin's effort to fight back against the US and NATO pressure via joined economic santions on Russia.The western countries, including Australia and New Zealand joined their big brotger uncle Sam. Putin, on the other hand fought back and  confidently declared to peg its Rubles to gold standard in such a way that it would push back the American and NATO economic sanctions which had ravaged the Russian Rubles depreciated against the US Dollars and Euros by 30 percent.

Apparently Putin's action worked out well especially when he demanded all trade purchases from Russia, payments must be transacted in Russian Rubles. Surely n spontaneously  Russian Rubles bounced back. The world, especially those who hate USA applauded and gave President Putin standing ovation. China, India, Mexico, Israel, United Arab Emirates,  opposed to join the American and western counties economic sanctions. Although they do not join the currency war to surpress US  dollars dominance in trade payment, they bluntly support Putin's fight back policy to save Rubles from collapsing.

The currency War has just begun. It is US dollars and Euros versus Russian Rubles and Renminbi. Many people are hopeful and enthusiastic to see that this is going to be the end of US Dollars dominance and the beginning of the collapse American and Western hegemony. Who then will win this currency War? God knows of course.

May be the world class Economists like Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz, Thomas Piketty and Jeffrey Sachs could tell us more? My Muslim friends said, ”Wallahualam! But the Jews possess massive USD and Euros and your Bible says they the chosen ones”. I just noted and grinned.

United States of America is a great country. It is a country of contradictions between Democrats and Republicans. The Congress of USA there are devils and angels rule together controlling the country and the world praising and trumpeting "democracy".

The American Jews control the Wall Street finance, economy including the Fortune 500 companies, and defense industry. The Indian Americans of India descent, sit on many top executive positions in most of information technology companies like Google, though started by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Not to mention in boards of the banks and  Fortune 500 companies. The Japanese and Koreans are controlling a stake of the US automotive market. The  Chinese, namely the crazy rich ones and the Taiwanese tycoons in the states of  California and New York  have been coming strong lately in the real estate market competing against the Jewish realtor moguls.

The Chinese also have been actively in the trading industry as well as in the restaurant business, whilst their electric cars are not allowed to enter American market yet. The Black, tbe Hispanic, and Asian Americans remain as average ordinary citizens being professionals or small and medium enterprises.

With all that being said, still many people in USA believe in God like the US dollar bill that says "In God We Trust" .

Undoubtedly, many people around the world still vow and wish that USA should soon end its hegemony and super power arrogance. But today on this wonderful Saturday Sabbath, at Loma Linda University Church, we worshipped  solemnly and observed the quality sermon of our Senior Pastor Randy Roberts prea hibg "Faithful and Trustworth behavior".

We prayed that God not only bless America, but also the world and wished that Putin would end the Ukraine war soon. Yes unarguably there are many bad things about America, but as well as many good things,such as millions of faithful Christians and other religion believers in the US who care for world citizens to live in peace and harmony.  Have a blessed Sunday and Happy worship.

*The author is a corporate advisor